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News12 Sep 2022

Most popular Hungarian dishes you must try


Hungarian goulash soup (© mtu.gov.hu)

Hungarian cuisine is too delicious to miss, therefore anyone who visits the country, a real culinary tour is a must. Not only because the local dishes are well known globally but also because they offer a real taste experience, whichever you try. Our athletes are also huge fans of them, but of course just modestly, as none of them fall into the salad category. Here are some of our favourites!


Goulash soup occupies a special place in Hungarian gastronomy. In 2017, this national dish was added to the list of Hungaricums. Goulash was considered a fully Hungarian meal, as it originated in a part of the Great Hungarian Plain which was least affected by Germanization. Such a dish would have been hard to find on the tables of the Hungarian nobility in the 18th century, which is why this simple, yet very tasty, shepherd's dish became a national food. Goulash is a hearty and warm stew filled with beef, paprika, onions, and potatoes.  It is always a good choice and the perfect dish to make at home.

Chicken paprikash

Nothing embodies the world of Sunday lunches in Hungary better than chicken paprikash. A representative of Hungarian gastronomy with a centuries-old history, it is a real favourite here and abroad. It has everything that characterises Hungarian cuisine: paprika, pepper, onion, garlic, green pepper, tomatoes, sour cream, meat. The paprika again plays a leading role, and the creaminess of the dish is ensured by the sour cream. 

Meat Pancakes

Hungarian cuisine is proof that pancakes can be more than just sweet. One of the classics of Hungarian cuisine, the ‘hortobágyi palacsinta’ has been around for about seventy years. The warm appetizer, which consists of stew, drizzled with paprika sauce, lightly fried and softened with sour cream, is a true Hungarian invention. At first, veal stew was used in the pancakes, but later on, more and more recipes appeared. The best version is homemade.

Gipsy steak 

Pork steak in gipsy style is one of the greatest and simplest classics of Hungarian cuisine. A rustic and flavourful dish where tenderized, marinated pork is pan-fried in bacon drippings.  Its origin is not clear, according to a popular version, the recipe came from wandering gypsies, who mostly ate meat roasted over fire. The Gipsy steak quickly became a popular dish because it can be prepared quickly, even in advance.

Hungarian cottage cheese pasta

Bacon, pasta and cheese – what’s not to love? This classic Hungarian dish has been a family favourite for generations. A real comfort food. Creamy cottage cheese combined with crispy bacon makes this dish irresistible. The Hungarian name, túrós csusza refers to the type of pasta which is very slippery due to the sour cream. The special combination of hot and cold makes the dish unique: the warm pasta cooked with cottage cheese, then mixed with hot bacon is topped some cold sour cream and extra portion of cold cottage cheese.

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