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Press Release13 May 2024

World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25 logo unveiled


WCH Tokyo 25 Logo

We are pleased to announce that the official logo for the World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25 (WCH Tokyo 25) has been decided. The Local Organising Committee of WCH Tokyo 25 (LOC) developed the official logo through a public submission. The final choice from 368 entries was selected by the logo design selection committee comprising design experts, athletes and selected members of the public.


Design concept

World - Tokyo - Connecting. The logo was designed under the theme of “The World - Tokyo - Connecting.” The stripes in the logo, which are based on TYO - the city code for Tokyo - represent the connection between athletes from around the world, Japan and Tokyo. The stripes represent the lanes of a track and field track. The logo design evokes a sense of speed and dynamism, but also brings to mind traditional Japanese beauty.


Color concept

The black of the T is a way to harmonize a range of colors from various countries,

The gold of Y is the precious quality to aim for the best,

The red of O represents theJapanese flag of the rising sun.


■ Design Producer






  • Prefecture: Tokyo
  • Occupation: Creative director and designer
  • B.F.A. in Design, Osaka University of Arts
  • Work experience: Involved in corporate identity (CI), visual identity (VI) and logo design for major companies. Worked on logo design for a brand consulting farm and corporate branding as a director of a company involved in athlete programs and sports brands.
  • 1998–2008, 2023–Private CI and logo design business under the name “DOT”.


■ LOC President’s Comment

Mitsugi OGATA, President,
The Local Organising Committee of World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25

We are delighted to announce the new logo, which was developed with the participation of many people, including design experts, athletes and members of the logo design selection committee, who were selected from the general public. We hope the new logo will inspire competing athletes and become familiar to many people, both in Japan and abroad.


■ Selection Committee Member Comments






(From left to right, Committee members Suminaga, Takai, Fukushima, Kimura, Akiyama, Suetsugu and Ho)


n  Committee Chairman

Masahiko KIMURA, President, GK Graphics Incorporated; Executive Director, GK Design Group Inc.; graphic designer

One key outcome of the logo design selection committee was allowing athletes, audience members and designers to pool their perspectives, experiences, and wisdom in the judging process to create a logo that will reach people’s hearts and become unforgettable. I would like to reaffirm how meaningful and above all, enjoyable, it was to have all three parties learning together. We hope that the logo we selected will support the success of the competition and play a role in conveying dreams, inspiration and human potential from Tokyo to the world.


■ Committee Members

Kaori AKIYAMA, Representative Director, STUDIO BYCOLOR Inc.; designer

The passion for the World Athletics Championships was tangible in many of the entries. The final design, which was selected after exchanging valuable opinions with athletes Mr. Suetsugu and Ms. Fukushima, has a color scheme synonymous with Japan and a design that clearly and beautifully incorporates the city code of the host city, Tokyo, in a fan pattern. The logo design is reminiscent of various developments, and we hope it will greatly enhance this event. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the opportunity to be involved in this valuable step toward hosting the WCH Tokyo 25.

Henry HOPresident/Creative Director, GTDI Co., Ltd.; graphic designer

I enjoyed judging the selection, leveraging my experience in creating many international designs and considering how to incorporate an international perspective. On this occasion, design professionals, athletes with an enthusiasm and passion for sports and the general public, who are the audience and will see the logo most frequently, collaborated to select the logo. The selection process allowed us to proceed while discussing mutual values and perspectives from different angles and, in my view, allowed us to make an objective and fair final decision.

 Shingo SUETSUGUProfessional sprinter; specially appointed associate professor at Seisa University

Thank you very much for allowing me to serve as a member of the WCH Tokyo 25 logo design selection committee. I am very excited and looking forward to seeing the logo that was selected following lively debate among the selection committee members and which will be transmitted worldwide on the occasion of the World Athletics Championships. I sincerely hope that both people in Japan and those around the world will remember the logo and that it will contribute to the success and history of the WCH Tokyo 25.

 Chisato FUKUSHIMAFormer sprinter; Specially appointed assistant professor at the Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Juntendo University

It was a great honor to be involved in selecting the logo for the WCH Tokyo 25. I was surprised and very grateful to see so many logo designs submitted, and the number of people involved in the selection process. The insights into how a logo is created moved me and I felt it was similar to how we athletes express ourselves in our performances. I hope that this logo, along with the athletes‘ performances, will leave an indelible impression in everyone‘s memories and help preserve special memories of the WCH Tokyo 25 forever.

 Tadashi SUMINAGACommittee member selected by the general public; Company Employee

I found the activity of selecting the WCH Tokyo 25 logo very inspiring and educational. Going forward, we feel that the selected logo will be remembered alongside the memories of the WCH Tokyo 25 and will symbolise the uniqueness of athletics and Japan. Many logos were submitted during the public selection period.  I would like to thank all those who were involved in the logo selection process. As a fan of the event, I look forward to it and hope that it will energise the people involved.

 Miki TAKAICommittee member selected by the general public; Company Employee

Thank you for selecting me as a member of the WCH Tokyo 25 logo design selection committee! I am just an athletics enthusiast, but I learnt a lot and gained valuable experience and I feel that I was able to help select a great logo. I think the biggest reason is that I could spend meaningful time with the chairperson and other selection committee members. I would be happy if the WCH Tokyo 25 could inspire excitement among many people, not only track and field fans, through the chosen logo as soon as possible.


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