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News21 Jan 2024

600 days to go until WCH Tokyo 25, Coe visits Tokyo determined to succeed


600 days to go for Tokyo 25 (© TMG)

With exactly 600 days to go until the World Athletics Championships Tokyo25, on 22 January 2024, World Athletics President Sebastian Coe met with the Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike to express his renewed determination to make the championships a success, together with the President Mitsugi Ogata of the local organising committee (LOC) of the WCH Tokyo25.

Governor Koike, wearing a jacket in 'Edo purple', the official main colour of the WCH Tokyo25, gave a hearty welcome to Coe.

The occasion represented the first meeting between President Coe and the Governor Koike since August last year, when they got together at the WCH in Budapest.

President Coe began by expressing his condolences to those affected by the earthquake on the Noto Peninsula on 1 January, saying, “My heart goes out to the people of the region.”

With 600 days to go until WCH Tokyo25, he went on to say, “We are all looking forward to being here in Tokyo next year to celebrate world championships in a stadium — on this occasion — with the spectators.” He also expressed his determination, saying, “I will continue to treasure the legacy and shared values that have been fostered thus far and hope to be able to look back with satisfaction that a successful and sustainable event has been delivered.”

President Coe also shared his aspirations, saying, “My hope is to see the stadium bursting with excitement and cheering spectators. For this, I intend to mobilise and draw on the full suite of expertise and experience represented by my team over the coming 600 days,” and added, “The World Athletics Championships will not only deliver nine days of athletic performances but will also promote values that will endure beyond the event. I’m committed to leaving a lasting legacy that will be passed on from generation to generation.”

Tokyo Governor Koike said, “I’d like to showcase and utilise new technologies while giving consideration to women and the environment with the aim of achieving an outstanding event,” and shared her strong determination, saying, “I definitely want to make WCH Tokyo25 a great success in coordination with the World Athletics and the national government.”

President Ogata of the LOC stated, “I hope that the unbounded power of track and field athletics will inspire people to dream and hope. I’m planning to enable children to participate in the event, and to deliver a new style of the World Athletics Championships and Tokyo-ness.”

On the same day as the meeting, President Coe also visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.

Satoshi Udagawa, President of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, welcomed the President Coe, saying, “I hope to enable as many spectators as possible to witness the top-level athletic performances with their own eyes and to provide children with opportunities to be inspired by the values of sports including courage.” He also expressed his high expectations for the event, pledging the Assembly’s cooperation.

Next, President Coe also met with the various factions of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and called for their cooperation in the WCH Tokyo25.

WCH Tokyo25 will be held from 13 to 21 September 2025.




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