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World Athletics Championships Budapest 23!


From 19-27 August 2023, Budapest will host the world's third largest sporting event, the World Athletics Championships. It is the largest sporting event in the history of Hungary, attended by athletes from more than 200 countries, whose news will reach more than one billion people.


Athletics is the foundation of all sports. It represents strength, speed, dexterity and endurance, the spirit of competition and camaraderie. We do not even notice how much we are surrounded by athletics; it is included in everything.


Athletics is a living thing. Whether it’s a family programme, a weekend grassroots meeting or a professional competition, athletics awakens every sense, on a physical, mental and emotional level. There is likely no other activity that can produce such a sense of well-being as sport, either seen on the screen or watching live.


You cannot bluff in athletics. There are no frills, no tricks, just the beauty of the sport and the competition. Just faster, higher and further.


The undisguised goal of Hungary's biggest sporting event so far is to make athletics one of the most popular sports, in addition to presenting the superheroes of the sport. Budapest has been an experienced host of many major international sporting events and has held a number of major international athletics championships in the last 30 years, with the exception of the World Athletics Championships.


From 19-27 August 2023, the centre of international athletics will once again be in Europe, in Budapest, where fans from all over the world will see that the queen of sports has never shone more beautifully.




The brand new National Athletics Centre will host the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23. The arena will have an initial capacity of 35,000 for the 2023 championships before being reduced to 15,000. Following the event, the stadium will be the main competition venue and training hub for Hungarian athletics.




The National Athletics Centre is built on the eastern bank of the Danube River on the south side of the city.





Budapest 2023 Nonprofit Zrt. is the organising company of the World Athletics Championships in 2023. We are an experienced and enthusiastic team that shares the ambition to stage the best athletics championships ever.