News26 Sep 2021

Sports Fair in spirit of the World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 22


The Sports Fair promoted the World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 22 (© Organisers)

The Sports Fair, traditionally organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sport together with the Sports Federation of Serbia, this year took place outdoors for the first time, at the sports fields of Ada Ciganlija.

Telenor, the general sponsor of the Serbian Athletics Federation and 'Brzinom do Zvezda' project, provided a small multi-polygon for all the visitors of our stand and the children that took part in the workshops.

We used the Fair to promote the queen of sports and the largest sports event in the history of Serbia, occuring in March next year - the World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade 22. 

On that occasion, at the stand of the Serbian Athletics Federation, a prize game was played in which the visitors could answer questions regarding athletics or the World Indoor Championships and get the championships T-shirt as a gift. 

This event was supported by our athletes, who were spending time with fans and even helping some of them to answer the questions. They included Dragutin and Angelina Topic, Teodora Boberic, Djerdji and Adriana Vilagos, Strahinja Jovancevic, Aleksa and Bosko Kijanovic, and Asmir Kolasinac.

On the second day of the Sports Fair, the company Nordic Sport awarded three javelins, weighing 600g, to the world U20 champion, Adriana Vilagos.

Organisers for World Athletics