News13 Jun 2022

World Athletics launches Personal Best, a lifestyle channel for all runners


A runner using social media

World Athletics has today launched Personal Best, an Instagram-based platform geared towards all runners, regardless of ability or passion.

The simple aim of Personal Best is to connect the global running community, getting more people to run more often.

Personal Best is dedicated to every runner, regardless of ability or passion. It will represent and connect runners from all over the world with the aim of building a diverse and relatable community and a supportive environment for everyone, for runners new and old.

Whether it’s a teammate, friend, family member or stranger, running brings people together. Personal Best will encourage and help everybody within the global running community to achieve their goals, however big or small.

The channel will share runner experiences from all walks of life, all over the world: the adventures, the challenges, the struggles, the communities and above all, the sheer joy of running.

Follow Personal Best at @pbpersonalbest on Instagram. To have your content featured, use the hashtag #MyPersonalBest and tag @pbpersonalbest.

World Athletics