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News04 Jun 2000

Europe's steeplechase hope Weidlinger leads world lists


 Thursday’s 39th annual Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic produced some fine performances. In good weather and with 6000 enthusiastic spectators the best result came at the end of the competition, in the event which last year due to financial difficulties was not even held.

Austria's Gunter Weidlinger produced an excellent world leading steeplechase mark of 8:11.51. He is the first non-Kenyan and European after many years to lead the world lists at this distance in June. Khamis Abdulla of Qatar was second in another superb performance bettering his own national record to 8:17.56. Another three runners achieved times under 8:30.

European 2000 leading marks were produced by Irina Krakowiak of Lithuania at 1500m with 4:07.99 and local favourite Helena Fuchsová at 400m with 50.71, who announced that this year she would be concentrating solely on the one lap race. Also competing over 400m, the 800m World Champion Ludmila Formanová started her outdoor campaign with a fast finish - but it was only enough for 4th place with 53.30.

Another Czech female star was excellent. Highjumper Zuzana Hlavonová was able to pass 1.97m already in her first attempt - that was 2nd best mark of the year 2000. Then she tried two metres. This height is a great challenge to her and very soon she should be able to do it.

After last years injury problems 1997 World Champion Šárka Kašpárková started the summer season with 13.84, but she was not too unhappy. "The main thing is that I’m healthy. I’m sure my results will improve with every competition. It should work in Sydney, that is the most important," she said.

Neighbours from Slovakia were happy after men’s 400m race as Marcel Lopuchovský and Štefan Balošák got the top two positions with 46.04 and 46.33. This years world indoor leader James Davis (USA) finished fourth (46.53).

Alfons Juck for the IAAF


100m: 1. Sunday Emmanuel, NGR 10.26, 2. Jarmaine Holloway, USA 10.35
400m: 1. Marcel Lopuchovský, SVK 46.04, 2. Štefan Balošák, SVK 46.33, 3. Alexander Kaydash,UKR 46.38, 4. James Davis, USA 46.53
800m: 1. Werner Botha, RSA 1:47.72, 2. Sebastian Miller, POL 1:47.90
110mH: 1. Tony Dees, USA 13.68, 2. Ronald Mehlich, POL 13.76
400mH: 1. Jirí Mužík 50.07, 2. Regan Nichols, USA 50.56
3000 m SC: 1. Gunter Weidlinger, AUT 8:11.51, 2. Khamis Abdulla, QAT 8:17.56, 3. Christopher Soget, KEN 8:26.56, 4. Michael Nejedlý 8:27.60, 5. Jan Zakrzewski, POL 8:28.90
HJ: 1. Tomáš Janku 224
LJ: 1. Robert Howard, USA 778
SP: 1. Miroslav Menc 20.49, 2. Mikuláš Konopka, SVK 19.35

200 m: 1. LaTasha Jenkins, USA 22.87, 2. Tanya Lawrence, JAM 23.32
400 m: 1. Helena Fuchsová 50.71, 2. Jitka Buriánová 51.40, 3. Monique Hennigan, USA 52.04, 4. Ludmila Formanová 53.30
1500 m: 1. Irina Krakowiak, LIT 4:07.99, 2. Abebech Negussie, ETH (born 1983!)
4:08.63, 3. Yemenahu Taye, ETH 4:10.59
100 mH: 1. Meisha McKelvy,USA 13.00, 2. Maya Shemchishina,UKR 13.02
HJ: 1. Zuzana Hlavonová 197, 2. Eleonora Milusheva, BUL 188
PV: 1. Katerina Badurová (born 1982) 412, 2. Daniela Bártová 402
TJ: 1. Šárka Kašpárková 13.84
note - CZE athletes are not marked

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