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Feature18 Jan 2021

Propelled by a passion for teaching, Stevenson now calls the shots for two of the world's best throwers

After guiding Tom Walsh to a slew of medals, the Australian coach has now taken Valerie Adams under his wing.

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Feature15 Jan 2021

Following late-season breakthrough, Mallett aims to hit the ground running in 2021

While for many people 2020 was a year to forget, for sprint hurdler Aaron Mallett the year could not have tasted much sweeter.

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Feature14 Jan 2021

After threatening 70-metre barrier, Gudnason emerges as Tokyo medal threat

In 2019 the rising Icelandic star finished last at the World Championships. After a breakthrough throw last year, he enters 2021 as one of the best discus throwers in the world.

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Feature11 Jan 2021

Rome victory leaves Scotti beaming with pride and motivated for future

Edoardo Scotti’s 45.21-second run in the 400m at the Wanda Diamond League meeting in Rome last year was more than just a PB.

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Feature08 Jan 2021

The captivating allure of the Hakone Ekiden, one of Japan’s most popular annual sporting events

The Melbourne Cup in horse racing is known as the race that stops the nation but, in truth, there’s an event in athletics that holds a country in a far-more-captivated grasp: the Hakone Ekiden.

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Feature07 Jan 2021

Separated by 18,000 kilometres, race walking couple Blocki and Barber face long distance challenges one day at a time

Lockdowns and travel restrictions have kept them apart for 15 months.

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Feature05 Jan 2021

After steady rise, marathon ace Legese sets sights on Olympic glory

While the staggering marathon feats of Eliud Kipchoge and to a lesser extent Kenenisa Bekele have quite righty earned the bulk of media attention in recent years, it would be a little churlish not to also acknowledge the feats of Ethiopian marathon ace Birhanu Legese.

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Feature01 Jan 2021

Inspired by pacing and training with stars, Kimeli looks to become one of the greats

When Nicholas Kimeli looks back on 2020, he is under no illusion how fortunate he has been to have such a successful season during the most unexpected of years.

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Feature10 Dec 2020

Five decades on from podium salute, 1968 Olympic 200m medallists Smith, Norman and Carlos continue to inspire

In the history of athletics, it’s one of the most iconic images.

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Feature08 Dec 2020

Athlete of the year Rojas focuses only on the positives

The skill of compartmentalisation is a key one for athletes

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Feature07 Dec 2020

Athlete of the year and master of the vault, but still room for improvement for Duplantis

The heights continue to soar, yet the process stays the same. When Mondo Duplantis stands at the end of a pole vault runway, staring up at a bar that seems pitched in the sky, halfway to heaven, he boils a task of ultimate sophistication down to sheer simplicity.

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Feature07 Dec 2020

Kandie credits hero Paul Tergat with inspiring him to world record

For a man whose fame and fortune has been defined by how quickly he can run between two very specific points on the map, Kibiwott Kandie was somewhat vague about the distance between his home and that of his famous near-neighbour Paul Tergat.

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