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Feature01 Sep 2020

Fast company: looking back at the 11 men who have held the one-hour world record

If Mo Farah succeeds in his bid to capture Haile Gebrselassie’s 13-year-old world one-hour record at the World Athletics Wanda Diamond League meeting in Brussels on Friday, the Briton will officially become the 12th man in history to hold the record.

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News03 Feb 2017

Nurmi to be honoured at Millrose Games in Finland’s centenary year

There are several reasons why 2017 is a big year for Finland – and for Paavo Nurmi in particular.

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News08 Jan 2014

Lagat headlines Millrose 2000m field

This year’s Millrose Games on 16 February will play host to the Paavo Nurmi 2000m, honouring the legacy of the multiple Olympic gold medallist who in 1925 set a world indoor record over the distance at The Armory.

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