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Culture09 Apr 2021

Vallortigara's top five inspiring sports biographies

The Italian high jumper selects five of her favourite sports autobiographies/biographies and explains what they mean to her.

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Feature18 May 2020

Cautious optimism the theme as some athletes begin to ease out of lockdown

Athletes in different parts of the world are gradually returning to their regular training facilities as restrictions put in place in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic begin to ease.

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News16 Mar 2020

Training under lockdown, Italian athletes aiming to keep upbeat and focused

Since the spread of the deadly New Coronavirus began earlier this year, athletes, like everyone else, have been forced to adjust. First, those things directly related to their athletic pursuits: their schedules, their training, their travel. As the virus continued to spread across the planet, those adjustments moved from the professional to the personal and are now impacting on most aspects of their lives -where and when they can eat and shop, who they can see and who they can't – just like the rest of us.

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Series04 Jun 2019

IAAF Inside Athletics - Elena Vallortigara

Elena Vallortigara stars in the ninth episode of the latest season of IAAF Inside Athletics.

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Series20 Feb 2019

Advice to my younger self: Elena Vallortigara

Italian high jumper Elena Vallortigara, who last year leapt an outstanding 2.02m, pens a letter to the 12-year-old girl she once was.

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Series25 Jul 2018

High and low – Elena Vallortigara

After taking world U18 bronze in 2007 and world U20 bronze in 2010, Italian high jumper Elena Vallortigara experienced some particularly dispiriting and lengthy injury setbacks. The 26-year-old is currently – and quite literally – on a high, though, having re-emerged even stronger than before.

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