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Feature02 Jul 2020

Helcelet: the decathlon’s international man of history

“When I was a kid,” Adam Sebastian Helcelet recalls, “Czech Republic had the greatest decathletes in the world. I watched them with my father. He said ‘You are coordinated. You can feel your body, and I guess that you’re going to be a big guy. You should try it.’”

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Previews15 Sep 2016

Focus on French stars Mayer and Nana Djimou in Talence

The combined events season will draw to a close on Saturday and Sunday (17-18) with the 40th edition of the Decastar meeting in the French city of Talence.

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Previews13 Jun 2014

Karpov and Kasyanov return to Kladno, DeLoach Soukup makes heptathlon debut

Last year´s winners Andrei Krauchanka and Hanna Melnychenko are missing in the start lists due to injuries, but former winners Dmitry Karpov and Oleksiy Kasyanov will duel in a bid to repeat their previous successes at the 8th edition of TNT Express meeting, part of the 2014 IAAF Combined Events Challenge, in the Czech town of Kladno this weekend (14-15).

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