Košice Peace Marathon


Kosice Peace Marathon - start in 1924 (© loc)

Plaque name: Košice Peace Marathon


Location: Žriedlova 28 Slovakia , 040 01 Košice


Plaque awarded: 03/10/2020


Reason: Plaque category - Competition

In the summer of 1924 Vojtech Braun Bukovský went to see the Olympic Games in Paris. He was a sports enthusiast, organizer and journalist from Košice and returned home thrilled by the drama of the Olympic Marathon. He enthusiastically channelled his efforts towards organising a marathon in Košice and just a few weeks later, on 28 October 1924, eight brave pioneers lined up for the start.

From Argentina's 1932 Olympic champion Juan Carlos Zabala, Russian world record breaker Sergei Popov, Ethiopia's double Olympic champion Abebe Bikila, and other world record breakers such as USA's ‘Buddy’ Edelen and Australian Derek Clayton... during its history Košice has attracted the cream of the world's marathoners. Košice is one of the original classic races, a highlight of the international calendar before the dawn of the mass running movement.

Today the Košice Marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe and second only in longevity to Boston in the world. It offers a colourful festival of sport and fun, attracting roughly 10,000 participants from all over the world.

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