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News25 Jul 2010

Men's 800m final - Flash Interviews


David MUTUA (KEN)GOLD MEDAL   1:46.41

It was not a very hard race. When we started racing  my body showed me I could win this race. When we did the first round then the second round you could see the other strong people. And then my body showed me I could win the final.

When  there was 110 metres left my body woke up and I knew I could win the race. I feel very good.

My visit to Canada was wonderful. I want to thank God for giving me the power to win.

I want to break the world junior 800m record.

Casimir LOXSOM (USA) - SILVER MEDAL - 1:46.57 (PB)

I had the same game plan as yesterday. I sat on the Kenyan - man, he was strong at the end. I thought I had it. He snuck up on me. It was a tough prelim yesterday; maybe I opened up a little too much.

But, I mean, I still felt strong. I’m happy with the PR. I think I can go a little faster.

I’m happy with silver. I’m happy with two medalists. It’s definitely a cool experience to be able to run around the track with another American [with the flag].

It’s good exposure to an international competition that I haven’t had before. I felt really good. I’m content. I’m happy with what I did.

I knew there’d be a lot of talented kids my age, so I wanted to go and I wanted to PR and I wanted to medal, so I did all three.

Robby ANDREWS (USA) - BRONZE  - 1:47.00

I did not hear anything at the end I was sure how close anybody really was at the end.  I really think I had it, I’ve never been that close in a final before.  I did feel comfortable but the last kick just wasn’t there.   Its been a long year and I’m very happy with my year.

I worked hard on stay up with the pack.  The Kenyans will just run away with the race if you let them.  I believed in myself, I thought I had it but in the end I still got the bronze and Casimir the silver, so I’m happy.

Mohamad AL-GARNI (QAT) - 7th PLACE - 1:50.16

It was hard. It was fast from the beginning. I tried, but it’s five races, with the 1500 and the semi-finals. But I learned a lot.


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