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Latvian School Cup


In cooperation with the Riga City Council and the Ministry of Education and Science invites schools and students from all over Latvia to compete in the Latvian School Cup, which will take place within the World Athletics Road Running Championships on October 1.


Students can compete in the Road Mile and 5 km distances, which will be the official tracks at the World Road Running Championships, for a symbolic fee of 2.00 euros.


Olympic Kids' Day in Riga


For the past 15 years, a cherished tradition has been growing in Latvia, one that celebrates the spirit of running. Back in 2008, this tradition started as the Riga City School Cup, inviting students and schools from Riga to engage in friendly competition and camaraderie. Over the years, this tradition has blossomed, not only witnessing a rise in the number of participating students participating in the School Cup through a symbolic participation fee but also expanding its horizons geographically.


What was once known as the Riga School Cup has now transformed into the Latvian School Cup, encompassing schools from across the entire nation. The Latvian School Cup isn't merely a race; it's a manifestation of togetherness, determination, and healthy competition.


Rimi Riga Marathon 2023 Mass race team


As this tradition grew, so did its impact on the community. Beyond the excitement of the run itself, the Latvian School Cup has become a beacon of community engagement and spirit. It also serves as a platform for schools from various regions to connect and exchange experiences.


This tradition isn't just about crossing a finish line; it's about crossing bridges that unite communities and empower the future generations of Latvia.


If you wish to apply to your school and enter the School Cup, please contact us at riga23@necom.lv.