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Signet Bank Team Cup


The Signet Bank Team Cup will be held as part of the World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga. It's an opportunity for the most active and athletic company teams to compete. This event allows anyone passionate about running to participate on the same track as the world's best athletes. 

Rimi Riga marathon mass race team (2023)

The winners will be determined by evaluating individual results for all teams that will have at least 10 participants finish the courses of the inaugural World Athletics Road Running Championships.

The opportunity to compete will be provided in mass starts on four distances - 21 km, 21 km relay (10.2 km + 10.9 km), 5 km, and one mile (1609m). All races will take place on October 1st. We have created the Signet Bank Team Cup to promote a healthy lifestyle among company employees, strengthen team spirit and employee loyalty, and allow companies to showcase themselves in a unique national sports event where running enthusiasts will run on the same track as the world's leading athletes. 


🏃‍♂️ Save More Together!

If your team has at least 30 participants, you'll receive a 10% discount! This is a great incentive to encourage more employees to participate and compete for victory in the Signet Bank Team Cup.

🌍 Teams from Various Sectors

The Signet Bank Team Cup welcomes all teams that have registered at least 10 participants under the same team name. All teams are invited to compete for prizes and industry recognition. Shared joy is double joy!


📝 Registration Options

Teams can be registered in two ways - the team leader can register all participants in one profile or we can provide the team with a registration code, and each individual registers independently. Team registration codes can be obtained by writing to riga23@necom.lv.


We have prepared guides for registration:

If you will personally register the entire team - see here.

If your team will register with a unique code -  see here.


🏆 Award Ceremony

The award ceremony for the Team Cup winners will take place in a festive ceremony within two weeks after the conclusion of the World Championships. 


Determining the Winners


In the Signet Bank Team Cup, the TOP 10 teams will be determined in each category:


Small (10-29 participants),

Medium (30-49 participants),

Large (50+ participants).

At the same time, we commit to determine the most active companies from different sectors, such as retail, finance, manufacturing, tourism, etc.

Winners will be determined based on the performance of team participants in their age groups - automatically summing up the 10 highest individual positions (numbers) for small teams, 30 highest positions for medium teams, and 50 for large teams. This evaluation system allows for an equal assessment of all participants in the distances (from Road Mile to 5 km, 21 km relay, and 21 km).


Teams can receive their starting numbers as follows:


Each team participant individually takes their number at the World Championship of Running EXPO on September 29th and September 30th from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It's also possible to collect multiple numbers at once; however, to avoid unnecessary congestion and to keep the number line moving smoothly, we will issue no more than 5 numbers to one person. If you wish to collect more (for example, for all your colleagues), I apologize, but you will need to line up again!


Using courier service recieve the numbers at the office: The team representative can arrange for the team's numbers to be packaged and delivered to the office in Latvia through the DPD courier service. This service must be arranged from August 15th to September 15th by 11:59 PM by filling out the application form.


The bib numbers will be handed over to the courier on September 25th. You will receive them at the specified address from September 25th to September 29th.


Fees for the service:


For the selection, packaging, and delivery of up to 50 bib numbers: 100.00 + VAT, i.e. 121.00 EUR.

Bib numbers for teams with 51 or more participants: 130.00 + VAT, i.e. 157.30 EUR.

Additionally, each participant can individually order their starting number for a locker (only your own number can be ordered). The fee for this service is 5 EUR.


Team Tents


The Team tents have returned to the 11th November Embankment! To ensure space for larger teams to gather, opportunities for team bonding and support activities, we offer the option to rent a team tent. To get information about pricing for the available offer and to submit your team's application, fill out the application form by September 11th.



Is your team ready for the World Champs'?

Run your World Champs' in Riga with your friends and colleagues, register today!