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Flash Interviews - Women 400m Hurdles Final

Gold MedallistYuliya PECHONKINA RUS
"This feels great. My tactic was to start easy and finish strong."

"I have been waiting for this gold medal for two years now. I do not think it has quite sunk in yet. I am just very excited. I did not run a perfect race, there were some technical aspects I could have done better, and I feel like there is still a lot left in me."

"At the same time I ran my best time for the season just at the right time, which is comforting to know."

Silver Medallist - Lashinda DEMUS USA
"I am satisfied but not happy. I ran a PB, but this time it was enough for a silver. Silver isn't gold, but it is the best I've had so far. In a way it's good I got only a silver. It makes me work harder. As I keep improving I will eventually get what I want."

"It was really difficult to run on lane 8. I couldn't see the others. If I were on any other lane I could have seen someone else, just anybody. It would have been easier, I could have run smarter."

"I think I started my kick a little too early, I started it at the sixth hurdle. I might have had more to give at the finish."

Bronze Medallist - Sandra GLOVER USA
"I cannot be disappointed, I ran my personal best and a PB is allways a PB. I still think that there is lot more to come."

"A lot of people say that I'm too old, but I still believe that I can improve my time. I maybe old, my legs are tired but I'm still kicking butt."