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Flash Interviews - Men Marathon Final

Gold MedallistJaouad GHARIB, MAR
"I want to thank the Finns for all their support during the race. I tried to stick with the leading pack until 30km, and then I found my own rhythm, and made my move. Those were my tactics, to run well during the last 12km."

"It was not my legs that were tired, but I had some pain in my stomach. The Marathon is a very tough race, but I am in very good conditions, that is why I could win here today."

"The circumstances were fine, the weather especially, I can not complain at all. I will see if I can continue on, and win a third title in Osaka in 2007."

Silver Medallist - Christopher ISEGWE, TAN
"The race was very competitive. It feels very good to win a medal at the World Championships. I wanted to show the world that I could do it. The Moroccan was very fast so if I had stuck to him I would perhaps have not reached the podium. We trained in Tanzania, where the food was all right, and we came here late only on Tuesday, but I think we still had enough time to prepare for the race."

Bronze Medallist - Tsuyoshi OGATA, JPN
"It was a difficult race because the pace was going up and down. You couldn't see it in intermediate times, but the speed changed in the curves, at water stops and especially going uphill and downhill."

"When GHARIB made his move I didn't dare to follow. I thought that could be dangerous at the end of the race. I tried to pick up my speed to catch him but it was hard because I couldn't see him anymore."

"I wanted to get at least a medal here. At 40km when the other Tanzanian (RAMADHANI) was lagging behind I knew a medal would be mine."