News23 Aug 2009

Men's 4x400m Relay Final


Kerron CLEMENT, USA: The plan was to come out here and win the gold medal. We were not too concerned about the passes. It is not too much of a problem to get the stick aroung in the 4x400m. The WL did not surprise us. With LaShawn and Jeremy anything can happen.

LaShawn MERRITT, USA:  Championships are all about gettting the medal. I always focus on times later on. We had the top two in the 400m and the winner of the 400m hurdles. All we had to do is to get the stick around and have fun. I actually will be in Zurich. I did not know what happened in the 4x100m with our relay. I focussed on our race. You must avoid to think about negative things.

Martin ROONEY, GBR - There are so many times we've run below 3 minutes and didn't get a medal. Now we've got it and that is what matters most.

John STEFFENSEN, AUS - It was extremely hard competition and maybe we are little bit disappointed to take only bronze. But we did our best.

Ben OFFEREINS, AUS - I normally compete at 400m hurdles. It was my pleasure to represent our country and I am going to be very proud to see how our flag will be raised up.

Tristan THOMAS, AUS - I am happy to be a part of these World championships, even it is bronze.

Sean WROE, AUS - We tried hard and the atmosphere here was fantastic. We are very proud about what all Australians managed here in Berlin - Hooker, Samuels... It really touches your heard when you listen to the national anthem. The next year there are the Commonwealth games to be on the program, so I hope we can beat Great Britain then.

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