News23 Aug 2009

Gold - Brittney REESE, USA


I've been losing sleep for the past three days, studying my jumps. Today, after my first attempts, the coach helping me said I need more speed. After the third attempt, I had to stay focused, because I knew the Russian girl could also jump that far. It's good for me to get it so young. I'm just 22. It's my first year as a professional. I'm still at school but no longer in the track team. There are still lots of years ahead. Now, I need to go back and train. It's not over.

I must admit that 2 days before the long jump qualification I did not feel in shape to fight for medals in the long jump. I had very bad triple jump and I was very disappointed about it. My technique escaped me from these feelings and I am very happy to achieve silver here. Before the championships in Berlin, everybody was asking me if Berlin is a good city for me to compete in. Now I can say, yes it is.

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